anger management Coaching and classes for women

Are you a woman that feels irritated, impatient and angry on a daily basis, whether its because of a relationship, work, children or any other reason… I can help teach you effective strategies to help you react to your anger in a different way. Your anger will never disappear, but you can have healthier ways of expressing it. Using proven strategies of an Anger Management program with a certified anger management facilitator, you can learn new skills. It is possible.

This program features learning new skills:

  • patience

  • stress management

  • relaxation techniques

  • communication (i.e. how to be assertive vs. aggressive)

  • empathy

  • improve listening skills

  • problem solving

  • managing outbursts

The format of the curriculum will depend on the setting (individual vs. group classes). Private Coaching is beneficial for individuals with high profiles, actors, attorneys, physicians, therapists, or CEOs. This is a great option for those wanting to keep a low profile on attending Anger Management courses, or do not work well in groups. 

You will be required to purchase a workbook on Amazon before your first session. The book is $20+Shipping and Taxes.          

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