Adriana alejandre, Lmft

Therapist in Sun Valley- Burbank - North Hollywood areas specializing in anxiety and trauma among teens 16+ and adults. Adriana uses EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & somatic approaches. She is the founder of Counseling and Trauma Therapy, and Latinx Therapy- the podcast & directory. She’s in the Burbank office on Tuesdays, Thursday mornings & every other Sunday.

Katheryn Perez, LMFT

Katheryn Perez, LMFT

katheryn perez, lmft

Katheryn Perez is a licensed therapist specializing in women and people of color who experience depression, anxiety and trauma. Katheryn accepts individuals in crisis and couples. She is in the office on Saturdays and Sundays can be contacted here: kpereztherapy.com

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Elizabeth Reyes, lmft

Elizabeth Reyes is the owner of Los Angeles Therapy and Counseling. Elizabeth is insured with Kaiser but can see clients for private pay as well. She specializes in tweens, teens and adults who experience depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, work place stress and life transitions. Find more information about Elizabeth here.

Note: Elizabeth is in the Burbank location full-time.

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Bedelcia Franco, LMFT

Bedelcia Franco, LMFT

Yvette Nava, LMFT

Yvette Nava, LMFT

Dr. Christine rivera

Dr. Rivera is a bilingual clinical psychologist who specializes with children, families, and young adults with developmental disorders, trauma, and anxiety. She works from a self-compassion model to support individuals to practice mindfulness, self-kindness, and acceptance as they continue to grow. Dr. Rivera also specializes in psychological assessments for children and adults.

She can be reached at: (818)934-6268 and is in the office on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Nancy lozano-stecyk, LMFT

Nancy is the owner of Lets Play Parents, a practice dedicated to helping individuals be better parents. As an educator, she finds that combining her clinical skills and experience with education has provided parents with a fulfilled learning experience in a nonjudgmental zone. Nancy is in the office on Thursdays.

Bedelcia Franco, LMFT

Bedelcia owns Holistic Journey to Healing Trauma Therapy, a practice dedicated to helping individuals heal from various mental health experiences using her 10 years of experience. More information can be found: https://www.holisticjourneytohealingtraumatherapy.com/

Bedelcia is in the office on Fridays.

Yvette Nava, LMFT

Yvette is a licensed therapist who provides individual, family and couples therapy. Yvette's areas of focus include therapy for men, relationship issues, work life stress and life transitions. She is in the office on Tuesdays.