Welcome to the Sponsoring Latinx Therapy Podcast page!

 The audience for Latinx Therapy is growing already and the podcast is grabbing attention from an eclectic realm of listeners. On it's first week from the launch, it became a featured podcast on Apple Podcasts homepage!

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Above all, my mission is to create access for mental health topics to increase awareness and begin cultural healing altogether. 

Below, find information about advertising on Latinx Therapy Podcast. 

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If you are ready to sponsor, please click on the button below to send an email. In this email, include a link to your services or product, how you believe it aligns with the podcast's mission and the package you are interested in.



Donations and support will be used to assist in the up-keeping of the podcast such as equipment and software. Each donation will be publicly thanked on the podcast. Your name will also be added to the "Donations" page as a genuine gratitude from me. Thank you all for being here and even considering donating to this mission. 


Patreon is a donation site where you can specify what you would like to help with. There are various options including: a scholarship for DREAMERS, books for children, and the usual, equipment and traveling to continue spreading my seeds. You can also start off by donating $1/month.