Teen Therapy - Counseling for Tweens and Teens (Ages 12+)

Do you have a teen that...

  • seems to be irritated all the time?

  • appears sad and/or anxious?

  • has experienced a trauma (witnessed something, car accident, bullying, abuse, and others)?

Counseling sessions with teens are focused on improving coping strategies, communication skills and interpersonal relationships. We will also learn to regulate emotions and impulses. I have extensive experience working with young people to help them develop successful identities, reduce stress and find more successful ways to get their needs met.

I offer a variety of therapeutic techniques and I select the approach that best fits each individual. These approaches include cognitive-behavioral therapy, art techniques, EMDR, mindfulness, and psychodynamic/insight-oriented  “talk” therapy and psycho-education. 

Specific areas of focused treatment include:

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Adoption

  • Abuse (sexual, physical, neglect)

  • Adjustment Difficulties

  • Bereavement and Grief

  • Body Image Issues

  • Bullying

  • Communication Issues

  • Identity concerns

  • Relationship Issues

  • Social Skills

  • Self-Esteem

  • Teen violence

  • Procrastination

If you have more questions about teen counseling or would like to know how Adriana Alejandre can help, please contact me for more information here and/or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page (below). If you are ready to schedule an appointment, click the button below and fill out the form. You may also text or call me at 818-835-5330.