Hi! I'm Adriana.

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I am a relationship therapist and counselor, speaker on sexual assault, sexual violence and trauma. I have presented at national, regional and state conferences speaking on topics of college campus sexual assault, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), domestic violence and mental health counseling.

I gained my clinical experience at intense trauma sites, the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita Valley and Strength United. I have experience and passion treating survivors of sexual assault, torture, child abuse and court-mandated individuals. I specialize working with women, men and adolescents dealing with relationship issues, identity issues, depression, anxiety and any traumatic event that has occurred in their life.

I help people through their toughest moments in their lives, at a time when they are afraid to change but know it is necessary to. I work to empower my clients to work towards reducing dependence of a person, negative feeling or a memory and gain autonomy, control of their lives and know their own worth.

In a caring, thoughtful and sensitive environment, I allow my clients to be themselves, be challenged and work towards a healthier present and future. I enjoy seeing my clients become more resilient, empowered, become more joyful and have better relationships with people they can trust and feel supported by. 

Even More Personally, 

I am a mother to a little boy and my rescue dog, Shadow, a Miniature Pinscher/German Pinscher. I love to go on hikes, exercising at Sky Zone and cheering on sports teams. I enjoy watching doctor shows and passionately love learning and attending trainings on mental health and biology.